Quarantine & T1D

Hey there!

It’s certainly been awhile. Just like everyone, I am trying to adjust to the “new normal”. It’s very hard to do. I miss school a lot and all my friends.

If there is anything positive that has come out of all of this it’s that my blood sugar has been gorgeous! I have had time to focus on my diabetes and my stress levels have come down significantly. There is definitely some stress I’m dealing with whether it be with online school, not being able to go places, or not being able to see people. It’s a difficult time for everyone. Everyones safety and health is the top priority.

Having T1D, I have to be extra careful. My immune system is weaker than a lot of people my age. I get sick often. The coronavirus attacks your weaknesses. I haven’t seen my friends in months now (expect the ones that drove by my house on my birthday). It’s for the best, and I know that.

I have some tips, whether you’re T1D or not!

  1. Change you’re routine.

I know this sounds weird. But, if you’re one to make your bed first thing in the morning, don’t do it right away. Go make breakfast first, go for a walk, get dressed. Sometimes the same routine can mess you up. If you change it up a little, it could really benefit you!

2. Get outside!

The best thing you can do is get out into nature. Of course not every day is going to be nice. There may be some rain, but on the sunny days make sure you get out and catch some rays. Being outside clears your mind and allows you to start fresh. The days are getting longer and warmer (especially here in New York). This is my favorite thing to do.

3. Exercise

This may be hard for some of us, certainly those who are used to going to the gym. There are a lot of at home workouts that are easy to do with no equipment. I have been following my schools “Total Fitness Log”. My legs were burning the next day but in a good way haha. Exercising allows you to get moving even from your living room!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Please remember to keep your distance from others and wear a face mask in public. All the restriction that are in place are to save lives and keep those around us healthy.


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