The Best Surprise!!

August 16, 2019

On August 15th, 2019 I got the best surprise of my life.

My mom and I were driving into the city to fill out papers for FIT so I could take some more classes during the school year. I was very excited because I took a precollege workshop there in the beginning of the summer and loved it so much. We were driving in this time as opposed to taking the train which we had done the week of the workshop.

We left the house and we quickly dropped off a bag of clothes to be donated and then we were off to FIT. My best friend from England, Jess, who is also my pen pal hadn’t answered my Snapchats in almost two days and she had turned her location off so I thought maybe she was upset with me but I wasn’t sure why. Jess finally texted me and asked when we were leaving and I told her we had just left and we should be to FIT around 10:15. I didn’t think much of it except that maybe she lost her phone or it broke or something.

As we were getting closer and closer to the city, the time of our arrival was getting closer and closer. We were getting there at 10am instead of 10:15 so I was even more excited than I already was.

When we finally got out of the long tunnel we went down the street a little and my mom told me to people watch (I love doing that haha). I noticed we had gone around the same block a few times and then she pointed and said “Look! There’s Suzanne!” Suzanne was her friend from childhood who she said was visiting the city this weekend (Currently, I am still not sure if she is or isn’t lol). She parked the car and told me to run across the street to say hi so I did just that. When I got to the door it was not at all Suzanne but Jess, my best friend, and Tracy her mom. Jess gave me the biggest hug and so did Tracy!

I met Jess’ aunt and uncle who helped them plan this trip to surprise me. As I was hugging Jess I looked at the doorman and he said “awe that’s so cute” which makes me laugh. I am so grateful that they all did that for me. It means so much that Jess and Tracy would travel from England and John and Anne-Marie from Singapore!!!

It has been a very busy summer and school is starting soon. I have had many low blood sugars but I am going back to the doctor soon and she will make adjustments! Keep up with me on my Instagram @meandmylifewithdiabetes!


One thought on “The Best Surprise!!

  1. Meg, Grandpa and I were so happy to meet Jess and her Mom, Tracy and we were glad you were surprised.Jess and Tracy are lovely and we hope we can all meet again someday.


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