The Moment I Have Been Waiting For

April 18, 2019

Today is the day that I have waited for since the day I first spoke with Jess. If you don’t know Jess, she is my pen pal that lives in the UK. We got paired up almost three years ago and she DM’d me on Instagram asking if I was the real Meghan Penske. lol. Ever since that day, I knew I wanted to go to England to meet her.

Instead of having a Sweet Sixteen party, I will be traveling with my mom to England. We will first be visiting Jess and then we will be traveling down to London. The trip is a week in total and let’s not forget a complete dream come true.

There will be tons of pictures and videos. If you want to see some of them, check out my Instagram: @meandmylifewithdiabetes. I will also be creating a Highlight once I return so you can see them all the time! There will also possibly be a video of my whole trip; so look out for that.

As for my March Cleanse Challenge…I filmed and edited for countless hours. As I went to upload, a bunch of my content was erased. I have been trying to get it back but now I am having problems with my computer; saying I cannot upload because I have no space. I have plenty of space on my computer but I’m not going to worry about it too much. I got a suggestion to use IGTV and I looked into it. I think I may use that if I can’t upload my video through YouTube. I will absolutely update you all either way!

While in England, Jess and I will be filming a “Best Friend Tag”, where we ask each other questions and see how much we know about each other. There will also be a montage of England.

I am very excited to have an assignment over break. I know, not common for someone to want homework over a week and a half break but, in Italian class, we were assigned to bring a Flat Stanley with us wherever we go. We got to choose an Italian name for them and I chose Matteo for mine. I am so excited to bring him along.

Remember to stay up to date on my Instagram where you can see EVERYTHING I am up to when I travel.

Happy Spring Break!


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