Complications & T1D

January 19, 2019

Similar to what I have said in the past, there are highs and low with having diabetes. Especially in the beginning when you first get diagnosed. My cousin got diagnosed in September and I have been helping him and his parents with the new devices they received, high and low blood sugars and everything in between.

Recently, my uncle called me. He told me that my cousin had been running high all day (in the three hundreds). I wasn’t sure what it exactly was because there are a lot of different reasons but I told them that if he keeps drinking water they will eventually come down.

Little did we know that his Omnipod had a complication and he wasn’t getting insulin all day.

As you can see, the blue tube which delivers the insulin from the Omnipod (aka Pod) into your body is bent and he was bleeding.

Even the best devices can have problems when we least expect it. You can go from having a great day to dropping so low or rising so high that you don’t want to do anything anymore. A lot of us have been through that, diabetic or not. Always remember to stay positive and know that there is always a way out of any situation.

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