January 5, 2019

Me & My Life With Diabetes has a lot planned for 2019. Bigger and better things are coming and I cannot wait to share them with you. I will still continue to post once a month and share everything that is going on through Instagram and Facebook, so make sure you are following me!

Here are some things that you can look forward to seeing in the next few months:

January: Youtube Intro Video & Day in the Life of a Type One Diabetic

February: Tips & Tricks on how to manage T1D.

March: 31 days of mental wellness challenge (I am very excited for this one!)

April: This is a big month as Me & My Life With Diabetes is traveling to Europe. Stay tuned for Youtube Videos and TONS of posts!!

May: My 16th Birthday!

There are so many more things to come and I cannot wait to share everything with you. Make sure you stay up to date by subscribing to my mailing list and following my Instagram and Facebook! Happy New Year!!


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