Stress and T1D

I have not written in a few because I have been very busy. My freshman year of high school has wrapped up and I had a few final exams and two regents exams. Luckily, I did fairly well on all the ones I received back and that has taken a weight off my shoulders.

Having T1D, a lot of things can trigger a high blood sugar level. Stress is a main factor of high blood sugar for me especially around this time of year. All the stress builds up inside me and sometimes I forget that I have more important things to worry about…like checking my blood sugar as many times as I am supposed to.

I try to be the best student I can be and for me that means that I study until my brain can’t hold anymore information. Like I said a few posts ago, no one is the perfect diabetic but everyone tries.

Sorry I haven’t posted lately, I will try to post more often when I get the chance. Happy Summer!!!


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