My Ideas For the Future of T1D

Having T1D for six years now has really opened my eyes up to the world around me. I have had many ideas about how I can help raise money for JDRF but I want to do something bigger.

Now, when I say bigger, I mean bigger. Bigger than going to the store and donating $20 when they ask if we would like to. Bigger than my Facebook fundraiser. I want to do something bigger like a JDRF One Walk.

I recently wrote a letter to the mayor of my village asking if she would be interested in helping me create a walk in our town. I will be giving that letter to her very soon once we plan out where we would want to have it in town.

I am hoping that everything goes well and we will have it later this year. It would mean a lot if we would could do that and I hope that others can help in joining me with this walk once we plan a date.

Stay tuned to find out more about this walk!


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