T1D is Me

In English a few days ago, we had to write down how we describes ourselves. I wrote “I am a diabetic”. Having T1D has impacted my life significantly. It makes me unique, strong, feel independent ! T1D is me and I am very happy to say that.

Since I was diagnosed when I was eight years old, I believe that this autoimmune disease has helped me become mature and brave. I change my pump and dexcom myself, and I have for a while now. I have always checked my own blood sugar too.

For some kids, it is hard to put in a site and check your blood sugar on your own. Trying to explain to your friends how you feel when you’re low or high is extremely hard. But, diabetes is what makes someone distinctive. My parents had to do my shots when I was newly diagnosed but I always prick my finger myself. With every shot or insertion of my pump, I have gotten stronger and braver.

Being diagnosed with a 24/7 disease has taught me a lot. Sitting in English that day really made me think how proud I am to be a unique teen with a lifelong disease.

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