Having a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) has been life changing. I went from testing my blood sugar every few minutes to just having to open my phone and make sure I was in range.

The FDA recently approved the Dexcom G6. “Breaking News: The FDA has just announced the approval of the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor. The highlights: NO calibrations, 10-day wear, integration with compatible devices” (@beyondtype1daily).  This new CGM is going to be an amazing change for T1D’s. I am sure we are going to have to check our blood sugar every once in a while but it won’t be as often which is fantastic.

I am currently on the Dexcom G5 where I have to calibrate it every 12 hours and change it every 7 days. It is going to be a weird transformation that will take a while to adjust to but I think that in the end it is going to be incredible.

dexcom G6
The Dexcom G6.


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