Welcome Back!

Today I want to share my story with Jess. I met Jess through a program called Snail Mail, its through Beyond Type 1. We got matched up and I am so glad that we did.

Jess and I have been through it all together even though we live 3,254 miles apart. We text each other whenever we need to vent or just share a laugh. We have never met in person but she is my best friend.

Next Spring, my mom and I are traveling to England over Spring Break. We will be staying in her town for a couple days and then heading down to London. We are finally going to be breaking the distance after two long years.

Snail Mail has given us the opportunity to try different things from each others countries. We send each other packages (or “parcels” as she says 🙂 haha I love it) of candy, pictures and so much more.

I cannot wait to meet Jess and compare how we manage our diabetes!!

Our Letters
A letter that Jess sent me.

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